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How to decide on the best Meeting Room or Conference set up style???

March 21, 2008

The options of different ways to set up a Meeting Room are plentiful, however, the style you chose can have a very negative or positive effect on the success and overall outcome of a meeting.  It would be the next most important criteria to decide on once you chose the meeting venue or meeting place.

cabaret style meeting room set up

Over the next few blogs I will discuss the pros and cons of different meeting styles – today I will start with my favourite – Cabaret style.  I briefly touched on this in my last blog, when I discovered many conference hotels in Ireland were misleading conference organisers and not selling cabaret style as it should be.

Cabaret style meeting room set upcabaret style meeting room set up

Cabaret style is also known as Crescent or Half moon.  Delegates are seated at a round table (that can fit 8-12 people) and the 3 or so chairs that would have delegates with their backs facing the speakers are removed.

Advantages of this conference room set up style??  It is very conducive to people easily meeting others, networking and breaking delegates out into small group discussions or indeed if you need a quick turnover between a meal and the conference session.  It allows delegates to take notes comfortably or refer to reading material.  Personally what I like about it is that you can get to know at least 6 more people whereas if you are seated classroom style, you only have the people on your left and right to get to know.  If I am attending a conference or meeting by myself I much prefer Cabaret style set up as I find it easier to network and chat with the delegates seated at my table.  In my next blog I will talk about Theatre and Classroom style conference room set up.